What Our Customers Say

Love this place. Always good food and fresh. I love the lemons for the water!

- Lily S.

Yelp Review - Kurt

Thank you fellow Yelp'ers!  

Found this gem while visiting Santa Barbara - visited on a Tuesday night about 5:30 - and there was a line about 6 deep for a good 20 minutes or so.  Lots of in/out traffic, lots of orders to go.

I took the recommendation of another Yelper and ordered the grilled chicken enchiladas with beans and rice - WONDERFUL!!!  I would absolutely order again - if I lived in the area.  

If visiting, or if you are lucky enough to live here - make this a definate stop.  You will absolutely enjoy it.

I did see A LOT of people ordering the chicken soup - I didn't try it, but it looked amazing!

- Kurt A.

Customer Testimonal - Victoria

Little Alex's has been around a couple decades but I started going in 2009.

This is the best Mexican food in SB at the price point. I'm not gaga over La Superica which in my view (and that of my boyfriend who was in a fraternity at UCSB in the early 1990s and on a strict budget) is only a hit because of Julia Child. She raved about it and as a result this cash-only joint on Milpas does a booming business. For cheap cheap, I always preferred La Tolteca (great tortillas you can buy in the supermarket).

Their taco salad--steak--is excellent and I adore their super spicy green salsa which pairs nicely with the ranch. That's 8 bucks I think but it's absolutely enormous and when I had a job in 2010 clear in Hope Ranch and no reason to be in Montecito that evening, I'd drive and pick this up to go.

The tacos raja (small corn tortilla with meat, salsa, cilantro and a sauce) used to be 1 dollar but now cost 1.49. They serve these only till 3 PM for no reason I can determine and they're just wonderful too.

The nachos--get the small if it's just you and if you're being good you should only eat half--are outstanding.

I'm not a big fan of the burritos and never order them, having tried a friend's once. Great guacamole which comes in various sizes, the smallest of which is 4 ounces

Little Alex's in the Vons shopping center got a MAJOR aesthetic facelift a year or two ago now has a sleek casual feel where before it was a little hole in the wall

The windows are nearly floor to ceiling and across the street you can see the lush greenery of the Montecito golf course.

I love the place.

A friend adored the chicken soup: a spicy, clear broth with veggies she said was terrific when sick and given SB has no Jewish Deli (Norton's is a pastrami/sandwich joint) and thus no decent Matzoh ball soup (Gelson's is okay) this is pretty much the only game in town for a great soup when you're under the weather.

Xanadu Bakery is a few doors down so stop in for a cookie or a treat along with Peerless Coffee. Xanadu, as I noted in my Yelp review, has a SUBLIME chicken noodle soup but I don't know how often they offer it. I had it just once when there for something else and resolved to call regularly to see if it was on the menu but of course forgot.

- Victoria O.