The Little Alex’s Story:

 Dan and Lynette Briner opened Little Alex’s in May of 1989. At that time neither one of them had any restaurant experience.  They worked hard to figure it out and all five of their children have at some point worked with them.  After 25 years Little Alex’s has become a mainstay for Santa Barbara. They have also become part of a small group of successful restaurants that has been in business for over two and a half decades mostly in part by the hard work and her lovable personality of Lynette.

Lynette’s Story:

 Lynette is a true Santa Barbara native born and raised in Santa Barbara practically living her whole life in the same house.  Her Spanish roots date back to Santa Barbara over 200 years.  A family member of hers was actually one of the first people to be married at the Santa Barbara Precidio.  Although Lynette did not have restaurant experience before starting Little Alex’s she did however have years of experience in the kitchen.  She not only cooked for her 5 children but also did a lot of catering for many years with her mother Charlotte working with receipts that had been passed on from generation to generation. 

 “The Restaurant” as the Briner family calls it has been an amazing experience and we look forward to another 25 years of serving our other family members (aka Customers).